Innovative developments are possible when network partners from different fields of the plastics industry collaborate closely.  One example of this is the success of radiation-crosslinkable polymers and the development of hard/soft composites, which are a derivative of “2-component injection moulding”.

Polymers for lightweight construction, which make thin-wall concepts possible, are a part of these activities.

The ROTFELD platform provides a place for end users, system suppliers, toolmakers, material specialists, processors, service providers, universities and institutes to network.

The innovation seminars, with partners and guest speakers, will present new, groundbreaking applications.
The network run by Uwe Stenglin consists of: 

The range of participants is limited and ideally does not include direct competitors.

Each participant contributes with special unique selling points on developments with high innovative value, e.g. in the field of hard/soft composites of thermoplastics with TPEs, silicone rubber and other vulcanised and radiation-crosslinkable materials for injection moulding and extrusion.

This allows partners to collaborate for a specific period of time or on selected projects at ROTFELD Innovation Seminars.

Knock-out criterion

Rotfeld-Consulting is a consulting firm which does not manufacture any products or sell any materials.