ROTFELD Consulting GmbH & Co. KG – NEWS


Extension of the ROTFELD network by the companies Q.BIG 3D GmbH, LuxYours GmbH and Grauts GmbH.

Successful network meeting with 11 diverse companies from the industrial sectors mobility, electrical, 3D machine manufacturers (pellet and filament printing FFF/FDM, VFGM, AKF), chemical smoothing, AF service providers and institutes.

Presentation of the largest molded part printed to date (Caravan rear end, 210 x 70 x 30 cm) made of DIPRO®mid GF at Q.BIG 3D.


In the past year a variety of compounds for injection molding and additive manufacturing, including radiation crosslinkable polymers, were developed for the production company DIPROmat GmbH.
Please visit (TECH-NEWS) for more information.


ROTFELD-Consulting developed a wide range of highly reinforced, aesthetic polyamides for its sister company DIPROmat GmbH, most of which are produced with unprecedented low warpage and without the currently very scarce polyamide 66 precursors.

Metal replacement applications with the highest precision are possible.

Two product lines for additive manufacturing (pellet and filament printer) and injection molding applications are available from DIPRO®mat on request. The first DIPRO®mid HT4 PPA filament materials with high Tg, low warpage and minimal water absorption at moderate processing temperature and 25 % glass fiber reinforcement are available on request for FFF/FGM printers.

DIPRO®mat – Materials for Digital Production

The company DIPRO®mat – Materials for Digital Production emerged from the ROTFELD Consulting Network in the first half of 2020 (see network participants list).

Change in the ” Inner ROTFELD-Network ” :

In the founding year 2017/2018, the SKZ “Das Kunststoffzentrum” Würzburg was a member. Since November 2018, NMB “Neue Materialien Bayreuth” has taken its place. Especially the activities in the field AF “Additive Manufacturing” largely coincide with the network activities. The focus is on materials for 3D printing processes with thermoplastics in powder and filament form.

Partner for ” Tribological Applications ” wanted.

The “Querdenker Netzwerk” of Rotfeld-Consulting is looking for a medium-sized company to optimize gear wheels, bearings and other parts subject to friction and abrasion through the pioneering technology of irradiation cross-linking. Promising results are already available.


In electrical engineering, the successful path of radiation crosslinked components made of polyamides began in order to survive melting during temperature peaks. This is state of the art and in series production at most suppliers of switchgear and relays. The fact is, after some time it became apparent that the mechanical life was drastically extended. This developed into the first, and later scientifically proven, principles of significant abrasion reduction by crosslinking the amorphous components of semi-crystalline thermoplastics.